Innuvo offers solutions that can both increase the success of a retail space and protect your valuable merchandise and personnel. Whether you are looking to utilize video analytics to collect data on customer behavior or prevent theft, we can help you come up with the perfect system for your space.

We offer design and installation services for a variety of retail establishments, such as:

  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Department stores
  • Retail plazas
  • Boutiques
  • Restaurant menu-boards and quick-serve

these are just some of our many custom solutions for

Retail A/V & Security

Video Analytics

With our video analytic solutions, you can monitor your store while recording consumer patterns. This will allow your store to run more efficiently and increase your return on your investment by adjusting the work environment or moving a display to make it more appealing to your visitors.

Secure Your Store

Never underestimate the power of a security system. With Innuvo, we will update and work with any current system, while designing a custom solution for your security needs. From CCTV to burglar alarms, your store’s safety is our number one priority.

Automation & Control

From the room temperature to the music volume, Innuvo offers the best automation and control solutions. Monitor your store or simply dim the lights with Innuvo’s A/V and security solutions.

Digital Signage

Advertising is crucial in the retail market segment because otherwise your customers may be less drawn to your brand. With our digital signage solutions, you are able to inform your guests about sales and amaze them with your technological integration.

Every step of the way

Every commercial project is unique because no two businesses are the same. What sets Innuvo apart from the others is our commitment to customizing your perfect system within your planned budget. Why settle for a standard system when you can have an exceptional system designed especially for you.

We are here to help! At Innuvo, there is a technology solution for everyone. We have a team of designers that are standing by to create your perfect system and answer any questions you may have. No matter how big or small, Innuvo is ready to streamline and enhance your home or business.