featured project: Kelley/Uustal

Educating their staff and informing their guests were priorities for Kelley/Uustal. To answer this unique task we created an A/V system complete with digital signage, distributed audio, and a mock trial room. Security and staying connected to their clients were just as important so, we utilized solutions like access control and fiber optic cabling.

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It All Starts with aPLAN

At Innuvo, we strive to find a unique solution for your facility, no matter what your dreams entail. See how we helped Kelley/Uustal update their office and give it that modern flair with the following solutions:

Mock Trial

The mock trial room was a first for Innuvo. We utilized technologies including both overhead and table microphones, Pan/Tilt/Zoom HD Video, Digital Recording Systems and audio broadcast over IP. This combination of devices allows the attorneys to review both live and recording video/audio to efficiently prepare for upcoming trials. This has been an invaluable asset to Kelley/Uustal and their various clients.

Digital Signage

Digital signage was utilized to inform any clients that visited the Kelley/Uustal offices. With these signs, they are able to promote their business, while giving their clients a glimpse into what they stand for.

Distributed Audio

To improve the overall atmosphere of the office, we installed our distributed audio solutions. Each room needed to operate with different volume levels and produce different audio depending on the type of room.


As one would expect, a highly reliable and efficient network infrastructure is a requirement for any fast-paced office environment.


Access Controls, Intercoms and Video Security were just a few of the solutions implemented at Kelley/Uustal. Their goal was to provide a safe and secure environment for both employees and clients.Their security goal was to protect their clients, while monitoring their building at the same time.

Taking a dealership from 0 to 60

Never underestimate the power of an amazing A/V solution.

We are here to help! At Innuvo, there is a technology solution for everyone. We have a team of designers that are standing by to create your perfect system and answer any questions you may have. No matter how big or small, Innuvo is ready to streamline and enhance your home or business.