featured project: SOBE WINE AND SELF STORAGE

For the Sobe Wine and Self Storage project, we needed to create a safe and secure environment for people to access and store their high-value wine collection. Designed to keep your wine collection in perfect condition and accessible at all hours of the night, the Sobe Wine Storage facility required cutting-edge technology to ensure wine can be safely accessed and outsiders are kept at bay.

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It All Starts with aPLAN

Here at Innuvo, our clients come to us with a need and we create a customized, digital solution that can’t be paralleled. See how we helped Sobe Wine & Self Storage maximize the security of their client’s high-value wine collection with state-of-the-art technology.

Access Control - Biometrics

To ensure maximum security and protection, our Access Control solutions included installation of biometric technology. With fingerprint identification, the wine storage area is optimized to allow only those with the approved recognition characteristics into the facility 24 hours a day, even though the general self storage facility has limited hours.

Ultra High-Definition Cameras

Ultra High-Definition Video Surveillance allows Sobe to protect wine collections from potential threats with megapixel IP cameras with superior image quality.

Access Control – Mantrap

Due to a large amount of foot traffic around Sobe Wine and Self Storage, the facility needed the most state-of-the-art protection system to keep out unwanted visitors. We installed a mantrap security access control system with two sets of interlocking doors, requiring the first set to close before the second set opens.

Video Analytics

To maximize the security of high-value wine collections, we designed and installed CCTV and video analytics security systems that allow remote guards to manage live and recorded video, eliminating the need for staff to be on-site to monitor the facility.

Intercoms and Tele-Entry

For fast, efficient, and reliable communication to occur on- and off-site, we installed intercoms and Tele-Entry. This cutting-edge technology allows individuals to communicate and grant/deny entry from remote locations, since security would be monitoring off the premises.

Impressing Members at All Levels

Exclusive is the only way to describe these solutions.

We are here to help! At Innuvo, there is a technology solution for everyone. We have a team of designers that are standing by to create your perfect system and answer any questions you may have. No matter how big or small, Innuvo is ready to streamline and enhance your home or business.