featured project: Reva

With Reva being one of the leading providers of Air Ambulance and Medical Flights, our design team set to work on upgrading their current systems with their goals in mind and our advanced solutions. Our usual A/V solutions were customized to fit Reva’s needs by utilizing video walls and digital signage for informing the staff on upcoming or outgoing flights while promoting their brand to any visitors. Discover how we break away from cookie cutter solutions and create something unique for every client, like Reva’s new system.

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It All Starts with aPLAN

Innuvo is dedicated to creating the perfect solution for your brand, no matter how big or small. Check out how our A/V and networking systems helped Reva take flight with the following solutions:

Video Walls

For Reva, video walls became a crucial portion of their A/V solution because this is the backbone to their business. The video walls allow the staff to monitor exactly which flights are pending, in air, or completed.

Digital Signage

Not only does Reva use digital signage as actual signs leading their visitors in the right direction, but they are also able to use them for important tasks like displaying meeting agendas.

Media Distribution

When you think of media distribution, you would typically think of televisions throughout a sports bar showing you the latest games. However, for Reva, we utilized this solution to increase their flight reaction time because they are able to monitor breaking news as it happens throughout the world.


Connecting with customers can directly affect their safety. By using our advanced networking solutions, Reva can ensure a clear and quick connection with customers no matter where they are in the world.

Guilty of exceeding Expectations

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We are here to help! At Innuvo, there is a technology solution for everyone. We have a team of designers that are standing by to create your perfect system and answer any questions you may have. No matter how big or small, Innuvo is ready to streamline and enhance your home or business.