featured project: ROSS UNIVERSITY

Classrooms were built and original A/V Systems were installed in 2009. The system only allowed for the use of analog video signals. The customer wanted to upgrade the system to include new digital formats such as HDMI and Displayport. The customer also wanted to ability to use one auditorium as an overflow when they have events that require more than 175 people.

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It All Starts with aPLAN

When your system needs a major overhaul, contact Innuvo. We're dedicated to finding the perfect solution to any problem your business faces. Check out how our Audio/Visual systems ugraded Ross University with the latest technology:

Classroom Presentation System

Our design included new Extron Multiformat digital switcher which allowed the customer to use new digital sources such as HDMI, Displayport, and Mini Displayport along with legacy technology like VGA. We also included a digital annotator which allows the customer to annotate on any of their sources live during a lecture to provide the students with a more dynamic learning environment. In addition to the wired video connections, we installed a WePresent wireless presentation gateway which allows presenters to broadcast their laptop, phone or tablet wirelessly to the projection system.

Projection Systems

During the upgrade we also provided new Hitachi 8000 lumens DLP laser projectors. This technology is the latest in projection. The projector uses a laser light source and does not need projection bulbs. The laser light source is rated at 20,000 hours. Previously the customer had to change bulbs every semester. Each classroom had 3 projectors and required scaffolding to service them. The customer was spending $5,000 each semester on bulbs and the process also took one full day for 2 men. Now they will be able to run the projectors for the next 7 years maintenance and bulb free.

Custom Overflow Classrooms

To resolve their need for overflow sessions, we installed a system that would allow video and audio from one classroom to be sent to the overflow room. In addition to the presented content, we provided a 1080P PTZ camera that allowed the overflow room to see and hear the professor during the lecture. We used an Extron Video scaler that allowed both the live video and the content being shared to be shown a single screen using PIP (picture-in-picture) or side by side views. This allows the students in the overflow classroom to see and hear the professor and view their presentation in a single screen.

Protecting valuables with the latest security Technology

Create a custom security system from scratch.

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