3 Ways To Use Digital Signage

Anna Johnson17Jul 2018Audio/Visual

With applications to commerce, advertising, information, navigation, and customer experience, digital signage has far-reaching implications in almost every facet of business and beyond. However, many businesses fail to use signage to its full potential. Discover the ways digital signage can improve business flow, sales, and more.

Improve Employee Morale and Participation

While the most obvious way to use digital signage is with advertising, it’s also ideal for improving employee morale and participation. Because you can set most digital signage to read as you want, you can prepare items that provide a mental break or motivation for your workers.

Use digital signage for employee recognition in the workplace to show your appreciation for an employee while also motivating others. If you can tie this in with your brand image and philosophy, it’s an added bonus. You can also improve employee morale by posting the number of days until the weekend, weather reports from far-off destinations, or jokes.

Enhance Customer Relations with Digital Signage

No matter what type of business you run, you always want a larger customer reach, as well as loyalty from existing customers. Social media is an exceptional way to enhance your sales and brand recognition, yet most people won’t follow you unless prompted. Digital signage works for this purpose, allowing you to post information about your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Third-Party Advertising in Your Space

Have a supplier or vendor that gives you a higher profit margin or cut of sales? Well, give your business a bigger slice of the pie by promoting these brands on digital signage. If your customer can remember a certain brand name without discussing lower-quality or cheaper alternatives, you can convert this to bigger revenues.

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