Residential Custom A/V Solutions: Designing a Home Theater

Laine Peterson26Apr 2019Audio/Visual, Residential

Picture your dream home in your mind- does it have a custom home theater with all the bells and whistles? Awesome screens, amazing sound system, comfortable armchairs, and maybe even a popcorn machine? If so, keep reading. We’re going over the steps you should take to get the perfect customized home theater.

Audio/Visual (A/V) Components

There’s no comparison between watching a movie on a regular television and watching it in a home theater. High-quality audio and visual components immerse you in a cinematic experience. However, it’s important to work with an expert when setting up your home theater. At Innuvo, we help you select the right components for your space that will work together seamlessly. We handle everything from the product selection process right down to installation and clean-up, so all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your new home theater.

The Screen

Let’s start off with the focal point of the theater: the movie screen! In general, bigger is better. However, quality is also important. If you’re going for that grand movie theater feel, a projector may do the job. For the clearest and highest quality picture, we recommend a 4K projector. The newest projectors out there give you crisp images and video with minimal noise.

If you choose to go with a standard TV instead of a projector, quality is still something to consider. Smart TVs have popular streaming services built right into their software making it easy to stream TV shows and movies with no extra hardware needed. Our team will meet with you to determine the features that are most important to your family, and recommend the best TV for your favorite activities.

Sound System

Surround sound provides you with intense audio that immerses you in whatever you’re watching. In order to get the best experience possible, you’ll want a system that has been customized to work with the acoustics of your home theater. Furniture configuration, ceiling height, square footage, distance from the TV, and your own personal preferences all need to be taken into consideration when it comes to designing a custom surround sound system. Many people try to design their own surround sound systems with dismal results because they aren’t familiar with the intricacies of sound acoustics. For a surround sound system that will truly blow you away, you’ll want to speak with a designer about what they recommend for your home theater.


A home theater is all about creating an unforgettable experience in the privacy of your own space- and design is a major part of this process. Lighting, theater chairs or couches, carpet or flooring, window treatments or curtains, and places for snacks should all be considered prior to laying out technology that will be featured in your home theater. Lighting and window treatments can all be automated to create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a moving or TV show.

Avoid the DIY Urge

While it may seem costly to hire an expert to design your home theater, you should consider the hidden costs of taking on a project of this magnitude on your own. Working with expensive and sensitive technology without proper training or product knowledge can result in broken equipment or unforeseen expenses. What’s worse, you could wind up with a home theater that you’re simply not happy with. The margin for error when working with A/V equipment is huge when you don’t have experience.

Our recommendation? Discuss all of your ideas with a design expert. At Innuvo, we’ll go to your home and scope out the space you’re planning to use as your theater. After taking measurements and getting a firm understanding of your vision, our design experts will be able to tell you what the best components are to achieve your ultimate home theater.

Ready to Build?

Excited to get started on the movie theater of your dreams? We can help. We have decades of experience designing and building custom A/V solutions. Learn more about residential home theaters and contact us when you’re ready to get started!