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Latest Security Technology: Perimeter Security Video Analytics

Laine Peterson17Dec 2018Audio/Visual, Residential, Security

Experts expect Perimeter surveillance technology to reach 114.2 billion dollars this year. Evidence that this technology has come a long way in helping to protect assets.

Perimeter security video analytics is the latest modern-day marvel concerning security. Its benefits assist in combating threats for professionals and citizens.

People and business owners want to feel protected.

This type of security is very smart, as it senses and warns of danger around a property or business. Its unique features provide the ultimate in outdoor system detection.

If you’re considering video analytics, here are some things you need to know about them.

Security Video Analytics Uses Target Classification

Simple video detection discovers a target based on video motion. Video analytics is far more advanced than the simple.

This type of perimeter protection has the ability to classify its targets. It’s done through object classification. Object classification is the intelligence in a system that can decipher a type of object.

For example, normal motion detection alarms when it detects any form. It sounds when it senses something is there.

Through classification, the type of object is specified-animal, human, automobile, trees, etc. This makes it easier to avoid false alarms. The system only sounds when it classifies an actual intruder.

Auto Follow Feature

Video analytics have sight sensors or sensor automation. One major feature that falls under this automation is PTZ control.

PTZ (pan-to-zoom) is a camera’s ability to receive remote control-directional and zoom. With sensor automation, a camera goes into auto follow mode. This analytic allows a camera to keep a detected target in its field of view.

Without intervention from a physical operator, a camera can sustain PTZ, keeping a visual image of its target.


People often focus on points of entrance and exit when they consider security. But perimeter security analytics goes beyond the front and back doors.

Loitering is an analytic that involves more than just watching people hanging out. If someone stands on the perimeter of a property for longer than usual, this analytic provides a warning.

A passerby is normally not a target of interest. But a stranger becomes a risk when they loiter too long on the property’s perimeter.

Businesses that have remote locations can benefit a great deal from this feature.

Objects Left Behind or Thrown

Professional thieves became famous for throwing their tools over a fence with intent to use them later. They would scope out a facility for some time to devise a plan of entry.

Because they know they couldn’t walk into a building with a bag full of tools, they’d find a location to leave them behind. That meant either entering a building and leaving it somewhere or throwing it over a fence for later.

Video analytics have the ability to detect items left behind or thrown. The analytics designed to ignore naturally occurring targets to detect thrown objects. So, leaves blowing, trash, and animals go ignored in the process.

The feature is beneficial, but facilities must use it strategically.

Get the Latest in Security Technology

Security video analytics are part of a growing intelligence and security community. Technologically advanced computers and cameras make asset protection a much simpler process.

Use this list to consider how video analytics can address your security concerns.

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