Residential Custom A/V Solutions: Designing a Home Theater

Laine Peterson 26Apr 2019 Audio/Visual, Residential

Picture your dream home in your mind- does it have a custom home theater with all the bells and whistles? Awesome screens, amazing sound system, comfortable armchairs, and maybe even a popcorn machine? If so, keep reading. We’re going over the steps you should take to get the perfect customized home theater. Audio/Visual (A/V) Components There’s… Read More

Security Video Analytics

Latest Security Technology: Perimeter Security Video Analytics

Laine Peterson 17Dec 2018 Audio/Visual, Residential, Security

Experts expect Perimeter surveillance technology to reach 114.2 billion dollars this year. Evidence that this technology has come a long way in helping to protect assets. Perimeter security video analytics is the latest modern-day marvel concerning security. Its benefits assist in combating threats for professionals and citizens. People and business owners want to feel protected. This… Read More

3 Ways Automation and Control Can Transform Your Home

Anna Johnson 15Jan 2018 Audio/Visual, Residential, Security

Turning your home into a smart home is easier than ever thanks to automation devices that improve your home’s security, convenience, and entertainment capabilities. Discover three amazing ways automation and control can transform your home. Smart Locks for Home Security Whether your kids and spouse are constantly losing their house keys or you’re looking for… Read More