Why Your Security Plan Needs Perimeter Security Options

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Does your security plan include perimeter security options? You need to cover every inch of your property. Read more to learn why.  

You put your heart and soul into your business and it provides you with the means to make a living. With this much at stake, you want to properly protect it.

America sees about 2.5 million burglaries each year. Does your security plan include perimeter security options? Do not leave any of your property uncovered.

Perimeter Security Systems

Business owners choose perimeter security in order to either keep intruders out or to contain trespassers until law enforcement arrives. Continue reading to learn about the different options for securing your perimeter and protecting your property.

What Is a Perimeter Alarm?

A perimeter alarm is designed to make noise that alerts everybody in the area to the intrusion while startling the intruder in hopes that it will disrupt their plan. Most of these alarms also notify both the police and you in real time, for a quick response to the situation.

Alarm features can include:

  • wired or wireless options
  • control from your smartphone
  • motion and vibration detection
  • glass break detection
  • specialized sensors for fire, water, pressure, and carbon monoxide
  • photobeams

Protecting your business means covering all bases of protection.

How Can Video Monitoring Help?

Video monitoring systems can protect your business by letting people know that they will get caught if they break in and by catching the people who choose to do so anyhow. You can choose a custom video security system that will best protect your property.

Video camera placement is key. Where should I place cameras to protect my business?

  • at the front door, as approximately 34% of burglars break in here
  • at the back door
  • windows that do not face the street, as they make a good secret entry

The cameras should sit high, because crafty intruders may attempt to break, cover, or disarm what they can reach. Some people may choose to hide them for this reason.

What Is License Plate Recognition?

License plate recognition makes you privy to every vehicle that enters and exits your property and can keep a log for you. This will alert you to any suspicious vehicles coming around, so that you may prevent a break-in. This system also helps you catch invaders in the case of a violation by providing law enforcement with critical information.

Is Choosing One Security Option for Protection Sufficient?

Consider this:

A burglar breaks in and tries to physically steal valuables or unruly teenagers break in to vandalize your property. If you cover all of your bases, the alarm will trip and possibly scare them away before anything happens and the fence will better contain them to give authorities a better chance of catching them.

You do not want the alarm scaring trespassers only for them to come back with better recon. Arming yourself with the proper tools, like video surveillance and license plate recognition along with a perimeter fence and perimeter alarm, will aid in keeping your business safe by ensuring all your bases are covered from initial protection to finding the perpetrator.

Start Protecting Your Business

You know that you need perimeter security to protect one of your greatest assets, so stop procrastinating. The cost of this investment now will save you from a loss in the future. Contact us to assist you with all your security needs!


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