5 Pros of Video Conferencing & Telepresence

Anna Johnson12Jun 2018Audio/Visual

Acquiring video conferencing capabilities and telepresence powers can take your team to the next level and give your business an edge over the competition. Discover five pros of video conferencing and telepresence.

Decreased Travel Expenses

One of the most common applications for video conferencing is arranging meetings with clients and business partners who aren’t in your office. Whether they’re located on the other side of town or across the globe, the costs of traveling to meet with colleagues and clients add up quickly. When you opt for video conferencing, you’ll eliminate those travel costs while still holding key meetings and conferences.

Increased Potential for Remote Teams

Developing remote teams helps businesses tap into talent located across the country and around the world. If you don’t meet with your remote team regularly, however, it isn’t always easy to stay on the same page. Telepresence gives your remote team members the power to keep on task without missing a beat, no matter where they are.

Ability to Show and Tell

Most business owners are no strangers to conference calls, but standard calls give your team the option to communicate via audio only. When you choose video conferencing, you’ll gain full visual capabilities, too. That means you can demonstrate products and share content as you discuss.

Optimize Engagement

If you’ve ever multitasked or tuned out during a conference call, you know that standard audio calls can stop engagement in its tracks, resulting in inefficient meetings. With video conferencing, everyone on the call is visually present, which gives the impression that all participants are in the same room, reducing distractions and optimizing engagement.

Improved Productivity

Conducting business via email can be time-consuming and inefficient, no matter where you are in the sales cycle. When you prioritize video conferencing, you can make decisions, answer questions, and move forward more efficiently, helping your team improve productivity.

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