custom automation and control systems

How to Simplify Your Office with Custom Automation & Control Systems

Laine Peterson 15Mar 2019 Audio/Visual, Commercial, Security

Science fiction and fantasy have been packed with images of buildings being able to run themselves. Smart homes aren’t a new concept to homeowners, but they are to people that own businesses. Automated systems can help regulate lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. They’re becoming more affordable, more sophisticated, and… Read More

5 Pros of Video Conferencing & Telepresence

Anna Johnson 12Jun 2018 Audio/Visual

Acquiring video conferencing capabilities and telepresence powers can take your team to the next level and give your business an edge over the competition. Discover five pros of video conferencing and telepresence. Decreased Travel Expenses One of the most common applications for video conferencing is arranging meetings with clients and business partners who aren’t in… Read More

Business man pressing finger to biometric screen Innuvo

The Different Types of Access Control

Anna Johnson 25May 2018 Security

Whether you have a facility that’s large or small, you need access control to make sure employees and visitors only enter areas that they are permitted to. With an access control system in place, you can keep trespassers and unauthorized persons at bay, control solicitors, and you’ll have reporting functionality to track individuals entering specific… Read More

interactive white board

4 Uses for Interactive Whiteboards

Anna Johnson 15Mar 2018 Audio/Visual, Commercial

Interactive whiteboards are sophisticated displays connected to computers. They’re mounted on stands or walls just like non-computerized whiteboards. Users can write, draw, edit images, and even play games with a stylus, a pen, or their fingers. Instead of using a traditional whiteboard and having to erase your work, you can save or email the files… Read More

sound masking

How White Noise is Used in Sound Masking

Anna Johnson 15Feb 2018 Audio/Visual, Commercial

Although the open-plan office can often produce collaboration and creativity, it can also disturb focus and divert attention easily. Ironically, when you need a quieter office environment, additional noise can be used to mask chatter and ambient sounds. Sound masking with white noise helps to minimize ambient office sounds by burying them in unobtrusive frequencies…. Read More

3 Ways Automation and Control Can Transform Your Home

Anna Johnson 15Jan 2018 Audio/Visual, Residential, Security

Turning your home into a smart home is easier than ever thanks to automation devices that improve your home’s security, convenience, and entertainment capabilities. Discover three amazing ways automation and control can transform your home. Smart Locks for Home Security Whether your kids and spouse are constantly losing their house keys or you’re looking for… Read More