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The Different Types of Access Control

Anna Johnson25May 2018Security

Whether you have a facility that’s large or small, you need access control to make sure employees and visitors only enter areas that they are permitted to. With an access control system in place, you can keep trespassers and unauthorized persons at bay, control solicitors, and you’ll have reporting functionality to track individuals entering specific areas. Luckily, you have a variety of access control systems available. Discover more about each system so you can choose the one that works for your needs.


One of the most common types of access control systems is the digit keypad. With most of these systems, people are given a unique four or five digit code that they enter into the keypad to gain access to a certain area.

Prox Cards & Key Fobs

A prox card, which is short for a proximity card, is another popular access control system. Prox cards and keyfobs utilize a proximity reader to decode your credentials to verify who you are in order to allow you access thru a controlled point. With this system, users typically get a plastic card or key fob that they can swipe or hold within a few inches of a reader to unlock the door. Adding or removing users is done with ease which boosts your security defense. This also eliminates the need for locksmiths to constantly change your locks when users are added/removed from your system, such as when employees who have a physical key and are no longer with your company.

Biometric Fingerprint

A fingerprint scanner is a secure access control system that’s easy to use. Much like a smartphone, users place their finger over a sensor to unlock an area. Many businesses prefer the security of a fingerprint scanner because it’s convenient and they never have to worry about employees or visitors losing a key or card. Biometrics have fast become the common form of access control because the user must be valid as their fingerprint is completely unique to them; you also can’t share/easily lose your fingerprint like cards or keyfobs can. The price of biometric systems has come down in recent years, and without the need to maintain key fobs or cards, they’ve become an increasingly attractive option for access control needs.

Facial/Iris Recognition

A facial or iris recognition access control system also works like some of the latest smartphones. This is one of the most secure access control systems available. One advantage of this system is that you have an image of everyone trying to enter the area, and you can use these images in the attempt of unauthorized access.

If you’re interested in some of the latest access control systems, contact Innuvo to discover all your possibilities and choose the system that works for you.

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